Warning: This is a demo/testing website. Do not proceed.
Welcome to your household Wishlist! Your Wishlist is a self-managed feature viewable only by your household via your online registration account. Use this feature to add programs that you want to remember, compare, or register for at a later time.

1. Add activities to your wishlist: Within activity search click on the icons
2. Check info if you need to: Click on the to check registration and program info quickly
3. Enroll into these programs: Click on the . Enrollment must be done one activity code at a time.
4. Complete Checkout: Once you have added your programs from your Wishlist into your Shopping Cart, please remember to return to your Shopping Cart to checkout and finalize payment.

**IMPORTANT: An activity in your Wishlist does not hold a spot in the program. You must complete the purchase and obtain a receipt in order to confirm a place in the program. Also, registering for a class that had previously been added to your Wishlist will not remove it. You can manually delete the activities by clicking the icon or clearing your whole Wishlist.

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